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‘Run Your Ass Off’ – 6 Weeks Online Program

Lose weight through running, to create the fitness and healthy body you want.

I’ll be supporting you for 6 weeks helping you from feeling stuck, tired, feeling no energy, hating your body and overweight to feeling energised, fit, vibrant, slimmer and sexier without crazy diets, visiting a gym or pumping iron.

How long have you been telling yourself that you’re going to lose weight, that you’re going to start eating healthier, that you’re going to start exercising to be fit again?

How long have you been telling yourself that it’s time for you? Well if not NOW then when, when is now the right time to decide to get fit fast?

Now is the time to stop saying you’re going to do it one day, make the commitment now to make a difference and change your life today. For more info click here 


Run Well – Eat Well – Be Well Club

If you are a woman who is healthy, loves to run, exercise, eat healthy food and knows the importance of developing a great mindset OR is ready to BE and DO all those things you’re going to LOVE what the ‘Run Well – Eat Well – Be Well’ club has in store for you! For more info click here



If you’re looking to be in the best shape ever, both physically and mentally, and are ready to let go of the crap that’s been holding you back, contact me directly for information on :-

- 1 on 1 Coaching

- Small Group Coaching

Contact me here.