If This Was Your Last Day ….

What would you choose to do with it?

Would you be happy with life, or would you be worried of all the things you didn’t do, a life full of regret.

The best thing about LIFE, is that we really are the leading actor in our own movie called ‘LIFE’ and we can change moment to moment how we think and feel.

As humans, our brains are the most developed on the planet, mainly due to our frontal lobe in our brains. It is this part of the brain, that enables us to ‘experience events before they have actually happened’

Dan Gilbert, author of ‘Stumbling on Happiness’ talks about the ‘psychological immune system’ in his TED talk, whereby rather than striving for the fit body, car, house, relationship, holiday, any other ‘external’ thing that we believe will make us happy.

We can ‘experience the event’ in our mind before it’s actually happened. That way we are choosing to be happy in the present moment rather than waiting for the external thing to arrive in our life.

Click on the link below to find out more. It’s time to change your mind.

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