When Was The Last Time You Celebrated…?

This is completely related to running or not at all, depending on your point of view!!

When was the last time you celebrated an achievement, small or large?

A lot of people tend to go through life with the ‘end in mind’ and not celebrating their small wins along the way. They think they will ‘celebrate’ when they ‘get there’. But when they do arrive at their original goal milestone, they have already set the next one, and they’re in full steam ahead.

If you recognise yourself here, or know someone who does this then take a moment and STOP, take a moment and celebrate your wins and life in general, whatever you’ve achieved large or small.

Case in point, last weekend a friend and I had a picnic to watch the the sunset. It was situated on a busy promenade at the beach. We had an amazing spread of food laid out on a tablecloth. The holiday makers that passed us by smiled and commented on the amazing trouble we had gone to and asked us what we were celebrated.

We commented ‘We’re celebrating LIFE……. because it’s Saturday …….’ People seemed bemused with our answer that it wasn’t because of a birthday, or special event.

Think back to when you were a child and you saw pleasure in the smallest of things, and were happy and celebrated your little wins and were happy with life in general as you were in awe with everyday.

Sometimes as adults we forget this, it’s time to remember again and to start finding the ‘joy in the ordinary’.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo



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