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Hi there

Back in 2010 I started taking up running again. Throughout my life I’ve loved exercise – cycling, ski-ing, snowboarding, aerobics although I always seemed to have a love hate relationship with running….. always wanting to, and when I did run, would run flat out and end up injured, sore or thinking I was having a cardiac arrest by over doing it.

So I decided to run smarter, joined a gym – signed up with a Personal Trainer,and started seeing improvements in my health, physique, attitude and running… all having a ripple effect on other areas of my life.

I progressed through fun runs 5km to 10km and over time up to 1/2 marathons. On this journey, I shared what I was doing with friends and family, in turn it inspired them to either run or to take up other exercise.

So that’s why I’m starting this blog, by sharing my journey with you, inspiring people around the world to improve their health & wellbeing, take up exercise and eat nutritious food.

Williamstown Half Mara 1a 290510

My 1st 1/2 marathon :)

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