3 Ways To Train Like A Marathoner Even If You Never Do One

On my journey from only being able to run for a minute to running a marathon, I learnt that the biggest thing that got me there wasn’t the latest runners with extra cushioning, a new Garmin watch that would calculate everything you needed, the running program that would push me that one step closer to a new PB, it was MY MINDSET.

Think You Can

So here are my 3 tips to train like a marathoner even if you never do one.

Big Picture Vision

Create a vision for yourself. Have a goal that stretches you outside your comfort zone, whether it be a new distance that you’re aiming for, your 1st overseas race, or a new PB.

Then visualise that image daily, actually be in the scene of achieving it with all your senses.

- What do you see around you?

- What do you hear?

- What do you feel?

Visualisation and meditation are such powerful tools of actually creating our futures now.

Act As If

Once you have the vision and goal you’re going after, act as if you’ve already achieved it.

What I mean by that is…

- Who do you have to be to have already achieved that goal?

- What person do you need to become?

- What strengths and attributes does this person have?

For example, when I was training for my 1st half marathon, I knew the importance of ‘sprint training’ although it didn’t come naturally to me. So I would take myself off to the local athletic track once a week, and imagine that I was the greatest sprinter in the world, that I was an elite athlete showing up for their ‘sprint’ session at the track, training for my next big event. At first it felt REALLY unnatural and uncomfortable, but I stuck with it, and within weeks I enjoyed that part of my training and my speed improved as a result of showing up each week, doing the work and believing I could.

Nutrition, Rest and Recovery

This is 3 parts rolled into one. People often forget the importance of nutrition and rest in order to fully recover from their training, but really this is critical.

Learn to see food as the fuel your body needs to perform at it’s best. I use the analogy of filling up your car with dirty petrol and expecting it to get you from A to B. It wouldn’t be a smooth ride, as your car spluttered along in fits and starts, choking and stopping. Our bodies are the same, so we need to nurture them and feed them the optimum levels of nutrients to excel in life.

It’s also important to rest and achieve a good nights sleep so your body can repair itself and recover from your hard training.

As always running and training for a race, has so many similarities for other areas of our lives, so use these 3 tips when you’re embarking on a new adventure.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

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