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Want To Be A Faster, Fitter, Stronger Runner

A year ago I made the move to Queensland to escape the Melbourne winter and to complete my final preparation for the Gold Coast Marathon.

It’s been a whirlwind year of many ups and downs as life normally delivers lessons for us all to learn from. From health challenges, moving house twice, starting a new life – work and friends, completing and publishing my first book, crossing the finishing line of my first marathon and then getting injured.

Everyone has there own challenges in life right, and I’m sure you’re had your fair share of them too.

However since the Gold Coast Marathon, I had a relatively long break from running…. maybe 3-4 months off, and when I got back into it again, my distances were smaller in comparison. It was a maximum of 10km for my longer runs, and then I got injured, pulled both my Achilles.

IMG_0604Now I don’t know if you can relate to this at all, when you have a love for running and then get injured. You rest a bit and then you run again, only for the injury to flair up. This constant see-saw routine of small runs followed by injury.

Until STOP enough is enough. Total rest and NO RUNNING you get told, with your ankle taped.


And then you think of the long term benefits of looking after your body, getting back into optimal shape, practising what you preach, listening to your body and intuitively being guided as to what it wants.

For me it was quite simply to be able to walk, without the feeling of a knife piercing both my Achilles.

So back to rehab.

And it got me thinking how many runners out there have over time got injured, and if they maintained a core foundation of strength and flexibility they probably would have prevented injury.

So I’m devising a program that will make you a faster, fitter, stronger runner which contains full body strength and flexibility exercises to prevent injuries as well as  re-hab exercises if you are injured.

Interested, send me an email.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

What Eddie The Eagle Taught Me

I watched the film “Eddie The Eagle” this weekend have you seen it? If not I highly recommend it.

I remember growing up as a kid, glued to the telly when the Olympics came on. It didn’t matter if it was the Summer or Winter Olympics I was there on the sofa, front row viewing. I found all the athletes inspiring with their focus, commitment, wanting to be their best, to break PB for themselves and their countries, going after their dream of being an Olympian and to stand on the podium and receive a medal.

I remember “Eddie The Eagle” came from nowhere. He was the guy that was kicked off every sports team, he was the kid that everyone made fun of and talked down to. And in the same breath he had hope and a dream of being an Olympian one day, representing his country and doing his best.

There was no fear, no ‘I’m not good enough’ thinking.

Instead this was replaced with guts, determination, persistence, commitment to his dream, follow through, being outcomes focused and realising his Olympian dream.

So next time you want to quit on your dreams, think of Eddie, and keep going.

And remember

Wish it …. Dream it … Do it!

Sue xo

A Clean Slate

Wow so 4 months have whizzed by and it’s the start of another month. 4 months that you’re never going to get back again.

- Are you happy with how it all played out?

- Have you been true to yourself and your dreams?

- Did you smash it in the areas you wanted and the commitments you made to yourself and others?

If yes great, if not then why not?

Did you let ‘life’, excuses and other people’s demands take over and play a more important role in your life.

Either way it is what it is. You are RIGHT here for a reason. Acknowledge where you are, what you have achieved in the past and today realise it’s a new day, a clean slate, a start of a new month, a great time to re commit.

So what ARE you going to commit to in May?

If you want things to change in your life, you will have to either create some new habits and/or change some old habits. And then commit to taking daily actions.

CONSISTENCY is king !!!!!!

I always love the 1st day of the month, it’s like a clean slate, as if you’ve turned a page in a book.

So what are your goals and what are you going to commit to completing by the end of May.

For me the last 4 months I’ve been focussing on

- Working with some amazing leaders in the nutrition field

- Bought a house

- Published my book on Amazon – “Just Another 5km”

And in the same breadth I feel I’ve let other areas of my life slip a bit.

My focus hasn’t been on exercise that much. Ok a bit of running and bush walking here and there, but no where near the commitment I gave last year when I was training for my marathon.

And I’ve started to notice the difference …. especially strength and tone.

So I’ve committed to doing some form of exercise everyday throughout May, with my goal of Run Noosa (10km) on 29th May.

Do you have a fitness goal for May?

Let’s smash this out together and commit to moving everyday in May, whether that’s running, other cardio, strength training or yoga/walking….. you name it, let’s do it.

We were designed to move, so let’s get moving together. Let me know your May fitness goal and let’s make a daily commitment to get moving in May.

Come on over to and let us know your May goal and then your daily action.

Lets move more in May – #movemoreinmay

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

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