10 Foods That Heal You From The Inside Out

If you’re looking to heal yourself from the inside out when you’re injured or just want to improve your natural immune system to enhance your health further, then there are foods you can include in your diet that are packed full of anti-inflammatory properties.

The most effective approach is to increase your intake of foods that improve your immune system and health whilst reducing foods in your diet that decrease your immunity and increase inflammation in your body.

E.g. Foods to avoid that are high in sugar include white refined foods like breads, flours, cakes, pastas, biscuits and white rice.

Protein is also important to aid the healing process, so ensure that you have adequate amounts in your diet. Introduce more poultry and fish in your diet rather than red meat as they can tend to be more acidic and inflammatory.

Ensure your diet is also full of vegetables and fruits which are loaded with antioxidants.

Click here for a list of 10 foods to include in your diet that reduce inflammation and improve your immune system.

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