It’s Just Another Day Or Is It?

Picture this, you wake up, meditate, go for a walk on the beach and on your walk back home past the cafes, you notice the time, yep it’s pretty much the same time you pass the cafes, and see the same people sitting at the same tables, with the same coffee reading today’s newspaper.

And I think to myself what was different from yesterday?

Is it Groundhog Day?

Is it just another day?

What changed?

It gave me a flashback of when I used to commute on the train in the UK, and I would get the same time train, get on the same carriage and sit in the same seat……and watched the same people board the train and sit in their same seats every morning. One time I sat in a different seat ‘someone else’s’ for a bit of fun, before they boarded the train…. boy did that rock the boat.

You see as people we are all creatures of habit…. Yep you are too.

Yep you might buck and scream and say no not me, you don’t understand, I’m different, I’m an individual, I do what I want each day, I don’t fit in with the norm….. Maybe….

And yet you still have your habits throughout your day, take a look and see how you go about your day, was it different from yesterday?

So here’s the thing…..

Agreed the example above was just a small section of the day, and it’s not just about going to a cafe at the same time every morning and reading the paper with a cuppa, or commuting to work and sitting in the same seat everyday.

This is an example of how habitual as humans we are and then we carry that forward to the rest of our day with how we treat our partners, family and co-workers, the work we do, our finances, how we spend our time.

Agreed we all have habits.

Is it true for you to, take a look at your day?

Check in and ask yourself the following

-       Are they supporting you or not?

-       Are they moving you closer to achieving your goals?

-       Are they moving you closer to where you want to be?

If they are, then great if not……

Let’s look at it another way

Are you 1/12th of the way there yet? 

What I mean by that is that we’re pretty much at the end of January, and you’re not getting January 2016 back again.

So thinking about the goals that you set at the start of the year, how are you going, are you kickin’ butt with them, or have you let your life take you in another direction, and instead you’re putting the demands of others before yourself and YOUR life.

What’s more important to you?

There’s no right or wrong here. Just be honest with yourself and what you truly want in your soul.

Every single moment of the day we have an opportunity to choose our thoughts, our actions and our results. What are you choosing?

So if you want to make it happen and start afresh in February with your goals, then come and join me in my FREE 21 Day ‘Make It Happen Challenge’

We can do this together.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It… Do It!

Sue xo

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