Bring Yourself Back In Balance

Sometimes in the midst of craziness, and chaos around you, you still need to find a sense of calm and ‘zen being’ to carry on through your day.

So how do you keep the focus, the concentration, the forward motion thinking with the constant interruptions from family, kids, work colleagues, social media, starring out of the window at the sunny weather and any other ‘bright shiny objects’ that distract you and your energy away from what you’re doing.

So here’s the thing, when it come to focus and concentration, sometime I nail it and other times I’m a prime candidate for being easily distracted and going from one thing to another. By the end of the day, if I don’t ‘nip it in the bud’ I wonder how I wasted the day, and feel so damn tired and exhausted, as I’ve just drifted from one thing to another.

So if you find yourself distracted, here are my top 5 tips for staying on track and getting the job done.

1.    What’s Your Why

Tap into and remember the importance of why you want to do it. Is it something you really want? Or do you feel it’s a should for you, and maybe it’s really someone else’s goal/dream. Is it aligned with who you really are and what you value? It’s time to get clear.

2.    Keep The End In Mind

Once you’re clear on why you want to do it, close your eyes for a minute. Take a couple of deep breaths and imagine yourself already completing the task.

Where are you? What do you see around you? How do you feel? What are you and others saying to yourself now that you’ve completed it?

By having a clear vision of how we’ll feel after we’ve done the task, energetically we’re drawn to that end result

3.    Environment

Ensure that your environment around you is supportive to your ‘task’ at hand. E.g. if you need a ‘quiet’ space to work from, ensure that your office/home space is set up accordingly for this. If you have family, kids, noisy neighbours etc. negotiate blocks of quiet time throughout the day. It could be first thing in the morning, when everyone is still asleep.

4.    Time Limit

It’s amazing what we can get done in a set amount of time when we really have to. Think back to those school exam days when you just ‘had to’ create the piece of work. I use an online clock which I set for certain time periods. It then countdowns the time and then chimes at the end of your session.

5.    Just Start

Take the first step and do something. Once you take that step, it’s amazing how things just begin to flow as you gain momentum, thinking how you’ll feel when you’ve completed the task.

And remember have fun and enjoy the process.

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