Gold Coast Marathon Wk8 – Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Another big week on the kms, especially Sunday’s long run. This week turned into one of the weeks of really starting to ramp things up, stepping outside my comfort zone as well as still listening to my body with rest and recovery being critical.

One thing for sure I knew more than anything this week, was I NEEDED TO PUT IN MORE KMS no matter what.

Tuesday morning was back to the hills, this time 3 reps up a massive hill, and again pleased that I pushed through and increasing a rep more than last week. I was definitely in the zone, pumping my arms for momentum, saying my positive running affirmations.

Bliss - Out running in the country!!

Bliss – Out running in the country!!

Rod and I went away for a couple of nights, and I had scheduled a run the morning after a night out with amazing food and wine. It was a total indulgent dinner and I paid for it on the next day’s run, feeling very lethargic.

However the scenery was stunning and it was perfect to run somewhere new. I’m an explorer at heart, so I love checking out new places by foot whenever I travel to new places.

I read about Rebekah Gregory‘s  journey this week, crossing the Boston Marathon after having her leg amputated last November, a year and a half after the Boston Marathon bombings. A truly inspiring story of what’s possible and to keep following your dreams no matter what.

It certainly helped me clock up 30km on this Sunday’s long run. Yes there were toilet stops and walk breaks along the way. Although I loved it, happy and glad I’ve got my first 30km under my belt, 10 weeks out from the Gold Coast marathon.

Now to rest and recover :)

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