Gold Coast Marathon – Wk12 – A New Milestone

So with a week of rest and foam rolling, my achilles seemed ready to hit the bitumen again for a long run on Sunday.

Hmm, things started off a bit slowly, to be honest I was really questioning the whole running in winter thing. Although for me the countdown’s on for moving to Queensland, so YAY :)

My aim was 32km – 35km for this run, and I ran 33km with 3 loo/walk breaks. This was my longest to date for this training so happy and pleased to notch that one up.

Oh its a constant listening to your body…. is that really a pulled muscle or is it just my ‘monkey mind’ telling me to stop.

I changed my brekkie around this time too, and instead of a banana and juice, I had 2 fried eggs on a bed of kale which fuelled me a bit more on this run. At about 15km I had this burning desire to fall asleep, have a little nanna nap, not a good thing when you’re out running and have another 18km to go. I felt all my energy seems to go towards just keeping warm when I run on cold days, that I have less in the tank. Lucky I bought extra gels for this run, which did the trick and pepped me back up.

Onwards and upwards.

And even though I was walking around like John Wayne for the rest of the day, I felt proud and glad that I ran 33km, considering back in October 2014, 5 months ago, I couldn’t even feel my right foot. Sometimes I have to pinch myself how far I’ve actually come.

Better still, I recover really well after a long run, and the next day as long as I eat every 2-3 hours, walk, stretch and foam roller, my legs are fine.

Happy Days :)

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