Gold Coast Marathon – Wk11 – A World Of Pain

As you know being a runner, getting to the start of a race you’ve been training for is a huge achievement in itself, as being plagued by injuries is a runners nightmare.

So today on my long run, a niggly achilles pain came back to haunt me. It was feeling a bit tight on Friday’s run, although today the pain felt as if someone was jabbing me with a knife.

I did the best I could to stretch it on route and run through it, thinking it would pass. Not to be this time.

There’s a fine line of continuing to run when you have acute muscle pain or stopping, resting and listening to your body. I chose the later, 7 weeks out to the marathon, I certainly didn’t want this to progress, as I’ve known that pain before and being out of action for over 3 months, not again.

So my aim of a 34km run this morning, ended up to be a 22km. I’m glad I stopped as the pain was starting to effect the rest of my leg and my running style was completely out of whack.

To be honest I’m a bit concerned that to date, I’ve only done one 30km run, although I’ve done 3 other long runs of 25-28km. I was further ahead by now when I was training for the Melbourne Marathon last year, although it is what it is and I have to accept where I am right now.

Rest and injury prevention is the key for me now ….. reckon its a week of foam rolling and massage.

Then for the next 4 weeks my aim is 2-3 runs of 32km – 35km, depending how my achilles pulls up this week.

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