Gold Coast Marathon – Wk10 Rain Rain And More Rain

After the excitement of last Sunday’s night Wings For Life Run I was still buzzing by Monday afternoon, although I soon crashed in the evening as a result of running through the night, minimum sleep followed by work the next day. 

You can check out all the amazing action from around the world below.

So that said, I listened to my body this week and had a break. My nutrition felt that it had seen better days too, perhaps being hard on myself. Just wanted to eat like crazy this week….. coming into winter….. just going with it though.

And on that note, as now I do eat 90% ‘clean food’, when I did have a red wine Thursday night, followed by a meat pie and more red wine on Friday night, man oh man, did my body let me know about it…. sluggish, struggling to balance in my PT strength training session on Friday morning, then just craving sugar and comfort food on Saturday. As well as triggering off my ‘heat sensations’ in my body. Hmmmm. On the plus side of it though, I DID enjoy the wine, as it’s now very rarely that I drink.

Sunday came around, and it was time for my long run, although the heavens had another idea, and I was playing dodgem with the torrential rain most of the morning, so I decided to switch my food around and my long run, and go after lunch, when the weather forecast was better. Yay for flexible training!!!!

I felt like a race horse, chomping at the bit, all day long…. WOW I didn’t realise how much my long runs meant to me. The sun eventually appeared and out I went – perfect 27.95km straight with no stops, another corner turned with 8 weeks to go – HAPPY.

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