Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 18

So so close…. I can feel it, I can smell it.

I can’t believe that I’m days away from taking part in my 1st marathon, and my 1st interstate race in Queensland too.

So no matter what happens on the day, I’m going to get a PB – because it’s my 1st one…. great way to look at things don’t you think.

Last week I relaxed my eating regime a bit, as well as eased right back on my running too, so the taper is happening.

I always wonder about the ‘taper effect’. I absolutely know the benefits of it, in order to have fresh legs on the day…. totally get it, although in your mind you’re left thinking, is there more I can do right now.

Absolutely not, and to be honest my body and mind are glad of the break, and be ready to hit the bitumin come Sunday.

Right now, I’m pretty calm, I’ve gone through the race in my mind, I’ve done the best prep I could have done and on the day I’m just going to enjoy it and have a ball.



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