Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 16 – The Last Big Hit Out

WOW the countdown is definitely on now, in fact just three weeks to go to the Gold Coast Marathon.

So this week how did I prep for my last ‘big hit out’ before the big one.

A lot of daily walking, one thing I’ve noticed about myself being in a new place, I love to explore and most of it is usually on foot. So this week was a combination of exploring my local surrounds in addition to daily walking a friends dog about 3km.

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, how lean I’m looking, in fact bordering on skinny. It could be the very ‘clean food’ I’m eating combined with the extra weekly running mileage, in addition to the stress of moving interstate.

That said I decided to include more sweet potato and brown rice for dinner and quinoa porridge into my diet…. I was gearing up for my last long run of my training this week and I wanted to sustain the distance and recover well.

IMG_3171Running wise this week, saw me with 2 short local runs of 4km and 7km followed by a 34km run along my now favourite running route – Noosaville – Tewantin – Noosa River – Noosa Spit and Noosa National Park return. The views as always were spectacular and it certainly lifted the spirits and soul, listening to the crashing ocean waves, watching the many paddle boarders and surfers. Pure Bliss.

And best of all, where I’m staying at the moment has a swimming pool. So wading waist high in the cold water was the perfect recovery for my aching limbs. I’ve done this for the past two weeks now after my long runs, followed by wearing my SKINS recovery pants and getting a good nights sleep. As a result I find that I don’t get any general soreness or stiffness at all.

Emotionally it was a challenging week, letting go of the old and welcoming in the new, letting go of ‘wanting to figure it all out’ and bringing myself back to the present, just being and enjoying the moment.

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