Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 13 & 14

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with a lot of change, upheaval and turmoil, as I found myself leaving my job, putting our home on the market, packing boxes, saying goodbye to loved ones and friends and moving to Queensland. First stop a house sit in Noosa, looking after a german sheppard and a husky. Something I’ve noticed about myself is that when my life gets turned upside down, and I feel stressed and emotional, it takes every ounce of me to find the energy for a long run.

So combined over the last 2 weeks I did a total of 60 km, one week of 11km and the second week of 49km. 2 runs each week, no strength training or yoga, as I cut right back on my training as I listened to my body as I found a way through all the stress bringing me back to balance again.

Nossa River SunsetMy last long run in cold Victoria before heading to Queensland, found me on my favourite running route around the Barwon River. It felt good to tap out a 20km run and I recovered well from it too.

I arrived in Queensland last week, and it’s been soooo great to thaw out, and to feel the sun on my body again. Check out this amazing sunset I was blessed with seeing on my first night here.

Being thrown completely out of my comfort zone, staying in a new environment – someone else’s home looking after their dogs, I had to adapt fast, finding a new equilibrium again for sleep, nutrition, exercise, environment and change.

To be honest it’s taken me about 4 days to settle in, adapting and being flexible to my new surroundings and location – finding out where everything is etc. I found a local juice bar to get a freshly squeezed apple, carrot and beetroot juice on the Saturday, to stick in the fridge ready for Sunday’s run.

For this weeks long run I chose an amazing route that took me from Tewantin – Noosaville along the river to Noosa Heads and up into the Noosa National Park. There were many photo stops along the way, as the scenery was so stunning. I was also grateful I did a reckie the day before to suss out where the toilets and drink stops would be on route. I was aiming for 32km on this route, although I was happy with 29km.

Lazy recovery by the pool afterwards, I think my legs were definitely grateful for the cold water immersion.

Noosa Spit Overlooking Alexandria Bay Sue on Coastal Walk Noosa National Park

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