What Are You Choosing To Let Go Of?

New DawnBlessed by this amazing sunrise on this morning’s beach run, it got me thinking how amazing nature is, and it can really teach us some amazing lessons if we only stop and pay attention to Mother Nature.

You see it’s a full moon today… and I don’t want to get all WOO WOO on you, however it’s a known practice and a perfect time to ‘let go of stuff in your life that no longer serves you’…..

Whether it’s

- a relationship

- a job

- stuff around the house you no longer need

- negative emotions you feel – guilt, shame, not feeling good enough, fear, stuck……..

- gossiping, judgement

- Whatever it is for you that no longer feels rigt, and has an ‘icky energy’ around it, this is a perfect time to choose to let it go

Give yourself and your life a mini ‘spring clean’

And then what are you choosing instead?

- Who do you choose to be?

- What do you choose to do?

- What do you choose to have?

Write it all done, set your intention, draw a line in the sand, no longer look back and live your life in the past. Get excited with your future you’re creating and take daily baby steps to get there, living your life in the ‘now’ – the present moment.

After all this is YOUR LIFE.

You are the lead actor/actress in your life, so how are you showing up and what part are you choosing to play?

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo


It’s Time To Change Your Mind

Did you know that by the time you’re 35, 95% of you is made up of stored memories and beliefs of the past, and your life becomes habitual.

Think about it for a second, from the time you get out of bed on the same side, go to the toilet, feed your kids and animals if you have any, have breakfast, shower, dress for work, travel to work the same way, think about your boss, the amount of work you have to do, how angry you feel, your co-workers who ’push your buttons’, family dramas, how tired you feel, and that you want to lose weight, go for a run maybe you’ll start tomorrow…….. and so it goes on throughout the day.

The thoughts that you have are generally a repeat of what you thought about yesterday. So even though you’re moving forward in your life, you’re actually living in the past on a day to day basis, as your thoughts are the same as yesterday, hence you’re living a ‘Groundhog Day’ over and over again. No wonder people get stuck in a rut.

The various events that trigger your emotions that you’re addicted to, that you conceal and push down, only sharing your day with friends that ‘get it’, but really they just reinforce you being stuck and staying in your ‘story’, or you drown your sorrows in alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate or prescribed drugs etc….. which only pushes the emotions further down into your body.

If these trapped emotions aren’t resolved they will lead to the body breaking down, leading to stress and disease.

You see how you think and feel creates your reality and destiny.

Now I know you probably know this already, and still sometimes find yourself in this constant downward spiral of emotions when you’re having a ‘bad day’. I know I’ve done it.

Same thoughts lead to same behaviours lead to same experiences lead to same emotions leading to the same thoughts…. and on it goes in a loop.

So if you’re not happy with how your life is going, and how you’re feeling then the trick is to BECOME AWARE AND CHANGE YOUR MIND, in the instance you feel yourself out of whack, and put your attention back on what you do want to create in your life – the solutions, the opportunities, not the current ‘problems’

Every time you become AWARE you’re no longer in the ‘known habit’, so the predictable future doesn’t exist.

You see what you focus on you get more of.

E.g how many times a day have you said’ I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough money, I will never get that raise, I feel fat, I’m tired, I don’t feel well etc’ Unconsciously over & over throughout the day, no wonder by the time you come home from work you’re exhausted and stressed.

Put another way – you are who you say you are and you are who you say you’re not.

Your thoughts are THAT powerful and create your reality.

So become aware of your thoughts and your feelings throughout the day.

Start you day off as you mean to go on, breaking the habitually patterns of the past by asking yourself :-

- Who do I want to be today?

- How do I want to feel?

And then BE that person throughout the day.

You can do this, you have the power and energy within you to change your mind.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

Moving On From Feeling Stuck

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ that no matter what you do, think or feel, you just seem to be firmly entrenched even more.

I think we’ve all been there haven’t we, whether it is with a new health plan, ‘stuck in a dead end job’, in a relationship, stuck with your running, which direction to take your life or business, and/or just plan and simply ‘stuck in a rut’

Think of a car that’s bogged in mud, and no matter how many times you put your foot on the accelerator, willing it to move on, the wheels just spin round and the car gets further entrenched in its rut, refusing to budge.

Getting ‘stuck in a rut’ and spinning your wheels is a bit like you being stuck in ‘busy’ mode, constantly doing stuff, but is it stuff that really matters and is moving you forward in the direction you REALLY want to go.

I know personally I’ve felt like this and especially this week, so below are my top tips for getting you past feeling stuck into moving again.

1. Get Moving

You need to free the ‘stuck energy’. Literally just give yourself a shake up, move your body, go for a run, swim, dance, do yoga, go for a long walk in nature. Whatever you enjoy that get’s you moving, do it.

2. What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen

Normally it’s our fears that keep us stuck. So if you really look hard at it, what’s the worse that can happen from your situation and can you handle it. Normally it’s NEVER that bad and is all a perception anyway, so is your glass ‘half full or half empty’

3. Look For The Gift

In everything there is always a positive and negative, so ask yourself what is the gift in this situation. By searching for it, you’ll open up your mind and heart to a whole range of possibilities.

4. Give It Up

Let it go, give up the need to control, to always be right, to want to figure it out. And instead allow the magic of the Universe, God etc to work its magic and TRUST that you will always be looked after. You have up to now right, things always work out perfectly in their own way, so start to trust, believe and have a little bit of faith agin.

5. Seek Help

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on the situation, to chat through it with someone who’s NOT emotionally involved in your situation. Be it from a good friend, business mentor, coach or healer.

Someone who will help you believe in yourself, to think outside of the box, to remind you how capable you are and to find a solution in the unlimited possibilities.

How Leaving My Husband Improved My Running

The last 2 weeks have been one hell of a rollercoaster for me, and I’ve just come out the other side.

You see its been brewing since February, the little thought inside. Things haven’t been good for a while, and then I suddenly saw a different path, something that woke me up, resonated with me.

I had to leave ….. I had to move on.

In the space of 2 weeks, I left my job, put our home up for sale, packed up things into storage, left my husband, and moved interstate to Queensland.

Crazy I know right. Why would I leave everything behind?

Leave the familiar, the comfort.

Change everything at once.

The stress of it all.

What I’ve done is right up there with the 5 most stressful things in the world – death of a loved one, major illness, divorce, moving and job loss.

Now before you start thinking I’m heading for divorce ….. far from it, I love Rod with all my heart and even though we’re apart living in 2 different states in Australia, we’re very much together in our hearts.

I just needed a fresh start, to rediscover myself, to develop my business, to be in the warmth again. To not have to be in ‘survival mode’ on a daily basis to keep my body warm, but naturally to be at a core body temperature, without having to put on 5 layers of clothing on a daily basis.

Really I hear you cry, aren’t you living in Australia though, isn’t it hot there. Yep absolutely and my body has adapted over time, as well as now not seeming to tolerate sudden temperature changes, especially the cold. So I’m following the sun, and my heart, it’s time.

Plus and here’s the BIG plus, like you I love running and running in warm weather just lights me up, and with 4 weeks away to the Gold Coast Marathon, what better preparation, to actually be running in a warmer climate.

So after a bit of an adjustment period, I feel I’m getting ‘ME’ back, feeling in sync with life again, following my heart more, after all isn’t that what life is about.

NoosaBecause of this move, I had the most amazing run on Sunday, check out the views, running alongside the Noosa River and up into Noosa National Park.

So what has all this got to do with me, I hear you cry.

EVERYTHING and NOTHING depending on which side of the fence you’re on.

You see it just gets back to TIME and what you REALLY WANT in life, and if you’re settling for something else.

We all have 24 hours each day, and the older we get, time ‘seems’ to speed up. Are we really ‘living it though’ OR just being a creature of habit doing the same thing day in day out, and not in love with it.

Are you REALLY living life to the MAX.

Are you being the person you truly want to be.

Are you doing the things EVERYDAY that you care about.

Are you spending time with the people you want to everyday.

If yes great, if not then why not.

Have you instead chosen to settle for a comfortable life, that you’re OK about, have dreams and then talk yourself out of making it happen.

You see it’s all a choice, whichever side of the fence you’re on.

People say… oh one day I’ll travel, one day I’ll buy a car, lose weight, run a marathon, start a business, one day I’ll get it all together.

That’s a hell of a lotta stuff you’ve got stored up for your ‘one day life’

If it TRULY matters to you, and YOU know what truly matters to you right, then make a start today.

Step outside of your comfort zone to make that change.

Just one thing, move forward TODAY, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start living your ‘one day life’ TODAY.

I believe in you – you can do this!

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

How To Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Have you noticed how you go about your day to day life, your running, your work, your family, how you interact on a day to day basis with everything and everybody?

I reckon, like most people, myself included, each day just rolls into the next one. What I mean by that is that as people we’re quite habitual.

Get out of bed on the same side every day.

Have the same breakfast.

Have the same shower routine.

Greet our partner, children and work colleagues in the same way each day.

Take the same route to work.

Do you get the picture. Can you relate to that……

We are by nature creatures of habit.

And it’s only when we stretch the ‘norm’ and stretch ourselves, step outside of our comfort zones that CHANGE and MAGIC happens otherwise you keep getting the same old same old although you want things to change internally, although you keep ‘showing up’ in your life the same way expecting things to change.

Take losing weight, running your 1st 10km, half marathon, marathon whatever it is for you in whatever area of your life. To do something different, you first have to BE different, think differently, then DO different actions.

Yes at first maybe there might be a bit of discomfort, until we get comfortable with being uncomfortable and then it becomes a pattern and we do it automatically, second nature. Starting a new exercise/running plan is no different.

Over the last few weeks, I made the decision to move from Melbourne to Queensland, to be in the warmth and out of the Melbourne winter. It was interesting to watch peoples reactions to this:-

- Where are you going to live

- What will you do

- How long are you going for

- Have you sold your house

- Is your husband going to

Some supportive of my dreams and what I wanted to do and some just mystified that I would uproot everything and CHANGE out of the norm.

To me it just gets back to TIME, we all have 24 hours each day. Are we really ‘living it though’ OR just being a creature of habit doing the same thing day in day out.

Are you REALLY living life to the MAX.

Are you being the person you truly want to be.

Are you doing the things EVERYDAY that you care about.

Are you spending time with the people you want to everyday.

If yes great, if not then why not.

People say… oh one day I’ll travel, one day I’ll buy a car, lose weight, run a marathon, start a business, one day i’ll get it all together.

That’s a hell of a lotta stuff you’ve got stored up for your ‘one day life’

If it TRULY matters to you, and YOU know what truly matters to you right, then make a start today.

Just one thing, move forward TODAY, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start living your ‘one day life’ TODAY.

I believe in you – you can do this!

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

Studies Find Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine

Now I know that’s a pretty strong and bold statement, and you might want to disagree and hold onto the fight and protect your beloved chocolate, or favourite dessert.

I know I certainly was in this camp. Friends joked that I was a ‘chocaholic’. Absolutely not a shadow of a doubt there, I could quite easily polish off a family sized bar of chocolate with a friend, multiple Easter eggs, or a whole packet of chocolate hob-nobs dunked in tea of course.

Yes I knew all about the lack of ‘nutritional value’ in what I was eating. BUT I still did it, why

- Because I felt I could

- That it ‘met’ a need or an escapism

- I’ve had a crap day

- A good day

- I’ve worked hard in the gym

- whatever the reason was at the time.

I didn’t for one second realise that it had a ‘hold on me’, that it was effecting my moods greatly, that I was being brainwashed and believing what the big food companies said with their marketing slogans ‘A chocolate bar you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite’ OR ‘Makes you work, rest and play’

I don’t know if you can relate to any of this at all!!

Sugar v Cocaine brainscan

However let’s look at the study - ”Several studies really do suggest that highly-palatable, highly-processed foods can produce behaviours and changes in the brain that one would use to diagnose an addiction, like drugs and alcohol,” Dr. Nicole Avena of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, says.

Cardiologist Dr. James O’Keefe said sugar contributes to cardiovascular disease, as well as liver disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.

“When we eat wheat flour and sugar in processed foods, spikes our sugar, then insulin. Those are the hormonal disturbances that make you store belly fat, and then you are hungry for more sweets and starchy junk food,” O’Keefe said

“When you kick the sugar addiction, blood pressure comes down, diabetes goes away, obesity goes away, complexion clears up, mood clears up, sleep improves. It is really, really striking,” O’Keefe

And this is what happened to me too. Some of you might know that in November last year, I had a huge health ‘wake up’ call, when I was diagnosed with MS. On doing my own research, I realised how much food can have an impact on our health for better or for worse. I’ve now, completely cleaned up my diet to a gluten, diary and sugar free diet 90% of the time.

Yes I still have a few ‘MS symptoms’ mainly temperature changes in my body, although I can truly say that changes in my diet has started to heal me on the inside out.

It has also balanced my moods, enabled me to sleep better, stabilised my weight, reduced PMS, eliminated a bloated stomach, no longer have mid morning or afternoon ‘sugar’ cravings, improved concentration and focus, no more ‘brain fog’ for me.

Now I know that a gluten, diary and sugar free diet isn’t for everyone, as everyone is unique and individual.

What I would suggest though is to become aware and be really honest with yourself about :-




What Will You Do With That Time?

I saw an impactful video clip on You Tube today that lead me to question where I spend my time, how much I have left, and how I’m going to maximise it by doing what I love.

What do you think?

Out of every 24 hours in every day, how do you spend it and are you happy with who you’re being, what you’re doing and the result you’re creating?

If you could do one thing differently what would you do?

Feeling BLAH, Suck It Up And Go For A Run

Have you ever had a morning, day or heaven forbid a whole week that you just felt BLAH.

Feeling crap for whatever reason…… lack of sleep/sleepless night, worried about work, finances, fight with your partner and /or kids, something you ate last night, or a curry that’s still repeating on you over a day later.

And you know you need to to exercise, go for a run, but really are you kidding to peel yourself out of bed for a morning run in the dark when you are having a ‘BLAH’ attack.

You’ve been there too, I thought you had.

Well this was definitely me this morning before I set out for my long run – Crap night’s sleep and still dodgy guts from a curry I had 2 nights ago. I could have quite easily whinged and moaned my way back into bed, rolling over, wishing myself to get back to sleep.

BUT really how would I have felt at the end of the day, when I looked back at my day, before I drifted off to sleep if I had chosen to do that. Hmm pretty bad on myself. And on the flip side, I’d know how good I’d feel once I got started.

So if that’s you and you have a ‘BLAH’ attack, just suck it up, lace up your runners, and get running. Trust me you will feel so much better.

Case in point, today’s run, was only going to be 20-22km, and I thought I’d be cutting that short, as the walking breaks started earlier from 5km.

REALLY, I thought, how’s this going to work. Well I could run for another 5km and then walk for a bit, and I could come back early, that would be OK, I was telling myself.

Oh man, the little voice in our heads, and how it can distract us from the bigger picture.

You see here’s the thing.

If you want the outcome, you have to put in the work.

My outcome is to run the Gold Coast Marathon in July, so putting in the kms for my long runs is just a given, it’s pretty much non negotiable. So yes, I too had to suck it up today.

And boy am I glad I did, cos today’s outcome was a 25km run. Yes I played the mind games of :-

- Just another 5km

- ‘You’re 1/2 way there, keep going’

- ‘I’m a lean, mean running machine’

- ‘I’m fit and strong’

- And a few walk breaks

But the feeling when it’s done, is 2nd to none.

So I challenge you that if you’re feeling BLAH, suck it up and go for a run anyway.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo




The Day That EVERYTHING Changed

You know those days and events in your life, when something happens, and EVERYTHING is turned on its head.

Yep everyone has them right. The thing that matters, is how you ‘deal with and react’ to those events.

So here’s the thing, for those of you who have been following my blog for a while, would know that last year I was training for my 1st marathon – Melbourne Marathon in October.

All was going well, I was on track, I was following my training plan, eating well, recovering from each long run, getting regular massages, doing strength work. Yes there were ups and downs along that journey, but looking back at it I was moving forward, and I was on track to getting to the starting line in one piece, having trained well, prepared for the race and ready to go when that gun was fired. Until…….

The wheels truly feel off, and in a BIG way, that I couldn’t have predicted at all.

2 weeks out from the marathon, I had a massive migraine and in writhing pain for 5 hrs, that resulted in numbness in my right foot, pins and needles sensation down my right side of my body, hot sensation on my back and my left hand I found difficult to control when I wrote, resulting in my writing being scrawly, like a granny.

I was scared, desolate, vulnerable and panic stricken. Was it a stroke or worse. What was going on with my body, I just wanted to understand, be better and run again. But my body had other plans……

Many blood tests and scans later, resulted in no concrete news. But I needed answers fast, I had my 1st marathon to run in a fortnight, I’d trained for it God damn it. And as you’re reading this, as a runner, you get that, right.

Luckily my GP who’s also a runner, he got it, he knew the importance of it for me and in the same breath I had symptoms that no-one had answers for, even the neurologist registrar advised me not to run as I was showing ‘an undiagnosed neurological condition’. What the F does that mean?

Call me stubborn but a few days later I did run, only 10km, just to see how my body was, if it was ‘better’ but I still couldn’t feel my right foot. It STILL felt numb as if it was wrapped up in cotton wool, jerking my whole right leg forward as I kicked for power and wondering every time if my right foot would actually hit the ground or would I crumble in a heap. If I could pull this off I thought, maybe just maybe I’d be able to run the marathon…… nope not today honey.

So the marathon came and went, and I wasn’t on the starting line. I did go as a spectator to cheer the runners on, tears of joy for the runners for keeping going and achieving their dreams, and tears of sadness for me for not making it, although I knew in my gut I’d be back, that one day I’d run that race…. I just had to figure this all out 1st.

The next month involved more blood tests, more MRI full spinal and brain scans, then the day came…… November 20th when I was told……

‘You have 8 lesions (inflammation spots) on your brain, 6 old ones and 2 new ones, and because of the number of lesions you have, the diagnosis is MS. It’s a condition where your own nerve cells attack its own immune system.’

NOOOOOOOOO this really can’t be happening, I’ve been healthy all my life, exercised, ate well, training for my 1st marathon, in the best shape ever, how could this be happening to me. The shock set in, and the rest of that meeting with the neurologist was a blur through tears, not knowing what to say, think, do, be, whatever…..maybe it was just one of my crazy Steven Spielberg style mash up dreams, that I’d just wake up from in a cold sweat.

Nope not this time, THIS was actually happening, this was REAL.

Why me, feeling like I’d just been given the cross between a death sentence and life in a wheelchair. I’m sorry but at the time, that was my limited knowledge of what MS meant…. Loose the ability to walk, then wheelchair bound and die.

Not for me. I had so much to learn and research, I’m CHOOSING another reality. 

To say I entered a dark hole after that meeting would be an understatement, literally a day by day, kind of thing, experiencing all the emotions, sometimes all in a day. How I held it together at work during that time I don’t know, I just did what I had to do and then crashed in a heap on the floor sobbing most nights. Some people knew, some didn’t. To be honest I think I was still in denial, that anything had changed, I wanted to be the same, act the same, have my life back…. and oh my God to run again, please say I can still run….

So now 3 months on, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes I still have ‘symptoms’ susceptible to temperature changes, all of a sudden without warning – icy cold arms, burning back or legs … poss the nerve endings not firing up, who knows.

Some of the lessons I’ve clearly got in all of this is to ‘let go’, to surrender, let others help me, stop being so damn independent and want to do it all yourself, STOP, rest and relax.

Also the research into how diet can play a MASSIVE part in healing your body has been a huge eye opener for me. I’ve revised my diet completely and now eat gluten, diary and sugar free, and man has that had a massive impact on my energy, ability to stabilise my weight and mood swings. No longer walking around in this ‘brain fog’ I’m now clear and focussed. And when I do introduce something from those food groups, my body negatively reacts, so for me its just not worth the ’5 minute pleasure’ I might get from eating those foods.

And to be honest, I was living a lie before when I thought I was eating ‘healthy foods’ that were still laced with sugar, or pizza, and ‘carbing up’ on pasta the night before a long run and wondering why I felt bloated, stodgy and unable to digest it.

Now I keep it real simple, listen to my body, and eat what it needs, seeing FOOD as FUEL to provide me with energy for the day and my running.

Then there’s the mind and body connection. I’ve always been fascinated with this, and how we create our own reality through our thoughts. I know on some level I created this, and now I intend to create a healthier reality for myself, healing from the inside out, feeding my cells what they need. My kinesiologist, Amanda, is teaching me this on a deeper level.

And what about the running, well yes, I’m happy to say I am running again, and back up to 20km runs. Yes the pace is slower than what I used to run at, and I intersperse it with walk breaks, when my body needs a rest. And man I’m proud of where I’ve come in 3 mths, to go from not being able to feel my foot when I run, taking 1 month off and building back up from scratch again. To be able to run at all is just, wow, a true blessing for me.  

Direction we are moving in (1)So yes the plan is another marathon, set for 5th July – Gold Coast marathon, the 18 week training starts here baby.

Some people I know think I’m daft, after all I’ve been through, and so soon after the diagnosis etc etc.

Why run Sue?!?

Why, because I can and I will.

I’ve no idea how the next 18 weeks will pan out. But one thing for sure, this time, I’m doing it MY way, yes the week to week program is there, but more importantly it’s NOT the push of split times for my sprints, and completing all the runs each week and everything in between, it’s

- the YIN and the YANG

- it’s listening to my body

- having more of a mind – body – spirit connection to my running and life

- to take more breaks, REST when I need to

- watch my diet, my thoughts and my environment

- to give it my best shot, putting a ‘smile on my dial’ whenever I’m out running, cos I’m doing it and I can

And most of all BE ME on a daily basis, be grateful for my life, everyday live it fully TODAY, not live in the past, or the ‘one day do it in the future’.

I don’t know what the future has in store for me or how my body will react to training for another marathon, I can plant ‘thought seeds’ of where I’m heading, sure and then live in the now.

Cos after all that’s all we have, is the NOW. So live it now, your way.

Your time is now and you’re ready for the next step.

So I share my journey and where I’m at cos my wish for you, is no matter where you are in your life, whatever challenges you’ve faced/are facing, whatever your running journey is, whatever your dreams and your aspirations are that you remember….

You have this!!

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

Set Your Compass

Antique CompassListen to your heart and follow your intuition always.

No matter what others might think, say and advise you to do.

We are all on different journeys and were all given an internal compass at birth.

It’s time to set your own course, follow your heart and live out your dreams.

What is your heart telling you today? Listen and act.