Keep Calm …… 6 weeks to Christmas

6 wks to xmasThis year Christmas has really crept up on me. Are you the same?

I smashed through some massive goals earlier on this year – finished and published my book ‘Just Another 5 KM’  on Amazon, bought a home, started doing some work for an amazing health and nutrition company. Mid year I seemed to plateau with my health and running goals due to sporadic injuries, and chose instead to focus on non impact, weight bearing exercises such as walking and swimming.

Reinvigorated with life, I set new goals and entered the next phase of developing as a professional speaker and delivering some inspirational speeches.

Sometimes we need that ‘plateau reflective time’ to reset for the next surge of activity.

I feel the time before Christmas, and especially the time between Christmas and New Year is a great time to reflect back on the year that’s just been and be reinvigorated for the year ahead.

- What are you grateful for this year?

- What are you proud of achieving when you look back at your 2016 goals?

- What are you committing to do more of?

And with 6 weeks before Christmas, and 7 weeks to the end of the year, what else can you achieve?

Are you on ‘wind down mode’ or is it your last chance to ‘smash things out’ before the clocks tick over to another year.

I’m choosing to set myself a new goal, a feeling of ‘last minute cramming in for your exam as a student’ as FINALLY I’m injury free (believe me this year has been a long haul in recovering from sporadic calf and achilles injuries)

*****5 KM Race ***** before the end of this year.

I’m literally starting from scratch again, with a base running fitness of only being able to run for 5 minutes straight. Considering I ran a marathon last year, this is a humbling experience to start over again with my fitness and running.

Have you been injured this year too, and looking for a challenge to end the year on a high? Are you invigorated to set another goal for yourself? Or are you on cruise control, winding down towards the end of the year?

Either way, one thing that’s guaranteed is that time will tick on by regardless of what you choose to do. And you can either choose to be the ‘best version of you’ on a daily basis, OR shrink back into the ‘normal, familiar default way of being’. Why don’t you make the next 6-7 weeks towards the end of the year count?

Your choice!!!!!

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo



You Know Who You Are

You know who you are….

You know you were born for more ….. be more … do more and have more.

You’ve known this for a long time. This always has been and always will be the case for you, right!!!

Don’t get me wrong, you’re truly grateful and blessed with your life now, and yet like a river flowing downstream, it’s never the same on it’s journey, you too never stand still, as you evolve and grow deeper into who you truly are.

You’ve always known this.

You might stand around for a while admiring the view, and then you’re off with a new goal.

You’re results focussed and know there’s always a way.

Sometimes you just need to figure out what that way is, and then you’re off again.

You strive for more in all areas of your life. Some areas you have nailed. People look at you in awe and wonder how you do what you do. It’s something that comes naturally to you, you’re just in flow, and you wonder why other people don’t get that.

And then there are other areas in your life, that you feel you are WAY off track in.

For you it could be your fitness, your business, your relationship, your finances AND you long to find the ‘missing’ piece to it all, and then life would be sweet again, complete almost.

Does this sound like you?

Totally I hear you and I get you. As I’ve been down that path many times before to get to where I am now.

You and I are similar in so many ways. We’re always looking for the next thing, the adventure, the rush, the growth as well as the stillness in the now, the gift of the present because that’s where we are right now.

I’ve battled the demons inside of me, thinking and believing I should be a certain way, fitting into society, my family’s and friends’ image of me. Oh and I tried, oh did I try to ‘be’ that person, so much so that my Mum called me an ‘enigma’ cos I could just adapt to my surroundings so well.

On the outside, yes, but on the inside, I was denying every cell of who I truly was back then, and who I am and what I stand for today.
And now I’ve found the answer that I was looking for, that was always within me all along.

So if you too are also sick and tired of ‘fitting in’ and wanting to run your own course, beat to your own drum, follow your heart finally and live a fulfilling life, then we need to talk.

And in the same breath there’s a part of you, that’s keeping you on the cliff, not yet ready to fly, not ready for that leap of faith ….. BUT you also want to feel complete, to trust again, follow your heart always and live a fulfilling life.

If this is you, then PM me, because I will guide you to find your own solution to your ‘missing piece’. The thing, that you’ve been searching for all this time. It is within you, you’ve just forgotten where to look for it. Together we will find it. And you will learn to trust, believe and start to live a fulfilling life on your terms.

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

What Eddie The Eagle Taught Me

I watched the film “Eddie The Eagle” this weekend have you seen it? If not I highly recommend it.

I remember growing up as a kid, glued to the telly when the Olympics came on. It didn’t matter if it was the Summer or Winter Olympics I was there on the sofa, front row viewing. I found all the athletes inspiring with their focus, commitment, wanting to be their best, to break PB for themselves and their countries, going after their dream of being an Olympian and to stand on the podium and receive a medal.

I remember “Eddie The Eagle” came from nowhere. He was the guy that was kicked off every sports team, he was the kid that everyone made fun of and talked down to. And in the same breath he had hope and a dream of being an Olympian one day, representing his country and doing his best.

There was no fear, no ‘I’m not good enough’ thinking.

Instead this was replaced with guts, determination, persistence, commitment to his dream, follow through, being outcomes focused and realising his Olympian dream.

So next time you want to quit on your dreams, think of Eddie, and keep going.

And remember

Wish it …. Dream it … Do it!

Sue xo

A Clean Slate

Wow so 4 months have whizzed by and it’s the start of another month. 4 months that you’re never going to get back again.

- Are you happy with how it all played out?

- Have you been true to yourself and your dreams?

- Did you smash it in the areas you wanted and the commitments you made to yourself and others?

If yes great, if not then why not?

Did you let ‘life’, excuses and other people’s demands take over and play a more important role in your life.

Either way it is what it is. You are RIGHT here for a reason. Acknowledge where you are, what you have achieved in the past and today realise it’s a new day, a clean slate, a start of a new month, a great time to re commit.

So what ARE you going to commit to in May?

If you want things to change in your life, you will have to either create some new habits and/or change some old habits. And then commit to taking daily actions.

CONSISTENCY is king !!!!!!

I always love the 1st day of the month, it’s like a clean slate, as if you’ve turned a page in a book.

So what are your goals and what are you going to commit to completing by the end of May.

For me the last 4 months I’ve been focussing on

- Working with some amazing leaders in the nutrition field

- Bought a house

- Published my book on Amazon – “Just Another 5km”

And in the same breadth I feel I’ve let other areas of my life slip a bit.

My focus hasn’t been on exercise that much. Ok a bit of running and bush walking here and there, but no where near the commitment I gave last year when I was training for my marathon.

And I’ve started to notice the difference …. especially strength and tone.

So I’ve committed to doing some form of exercise everyday throughout May, with my goal of Run Noosa (10km) on 29th May.

Do you have a fitness goal for May?

Let’s smash this out together and commit to moving everyday in May, whether that’s running, other cardio, strength training or yoga/walking….. you name it, let’s do it.

We were designed to move, so let’s get moving together. Let me know your May fitness goal and let’s make a daily commitment to get moving in May.

Come on over to and let us know your May goal and then your daily action.

Lets move more in May – #movemoreinmay

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo



It’s Not About You, It’s All About Them

As we go through life, there comes a time when you will receive criticism, nobody seems to escape it these days.

When you receive it from someone else, maybe at work, at home, from a friend, rather than take it personally rise above it and become aware and ask yourself:-

- Is this person experienced in the area you’re receiving a critique on? Are they really a mentor or someone with this particular ‘life experience’ to provide value and help to you? OR

- Are they someone who is coming from a ‘position of power’ and putting you down?

The thing to realise is that it is never about you, it’s ALWAYS their stuff. If someone is happy they will have great things to say, if not, they will spiral down and focus on the negatives. You’ve probably met people like this too haven’t you? You see as people our ‘egos’ tend to get in the way, and some people ‘don’t want to feel inferior’ around others, so they might ‘shoot’ them down.

Whatever is said though, look at it objectively and ask yourself is there anything I can learn from this and improve on.

So now you know all of this, the thing to do is to rise above it, show them compassion, love and see everything for how it really is.

Love Yourself First

To be compassionate towards others, we first have to be compassionate to ourselves.

Think about it for a second, do you ALWAYS say nice things to yourself, and treat yourself with respect as if you were your best friend, or do you tell yourself off when things don’t go to plan, or if you ‘messed’ up etc etc.

The trick is to pay attention to your own language, your internal self talk. Is it the kind of talk that’s damaging that you wouldn’t even treat your best friend that way. If yes, then STOP IT and treat yourself with some compassion instead.

For things to change YOU must change, and it starts with awareness. Practise being kind to yourself. Speak to yourself in an encouraging supportive way. Practise being your own best friend.

Then the next time someone criticises you, compassionately thank them for their observations without any resentment, staying emotionally unattached from the situation. It’s an art and an ongoing practice.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

What Would You Do If You Were Blind?

This week I heard about an amazing surfer which just blew my mind.

To surf the Hawaiian break Pipeline is one thing, and a pretty incredible feat in itself. And for someone to surf it who’s been blind from birth, well that just takes it to a whole new level doesn’t it.

Derek Rabello. Photo: James Brickwood

Derek Rabello. Photo: James Brickwood

Introducing Derek Rabello from Brazil who was born with glaucoma, and has never viewed his blindness as a barrier to the ocean.

His fathers and uncles were passionate surfers and he just wanted to do the same.

He started surfing at 17, and 6 years on he’s on the professional surfing circuit, surfing with the world’s best.

So why am I sharing this story on a ‘running blog’. Basically because of the amazing strength of character, passion, persistence, strength, faith, trust and commitment to his dreams that Derek has clearly demonstrated on a daily basis.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our own dramas of everyday life, and listen to ‘your negative self talk’ that shoots you down and talks you out of your dreams. And then you hear of amazing success stories of the human spirit, that washes your ‘imaginary dramas’ into insignificance.

In a recent Australian interview he said, “You have to believe in yourself. Go chase your dreams and you can do it if you want.”

A great reminder for us all.

Wish It … Dream It … Do It

Sue xo

It’s Just Another Day Or Is It?

Picture this, you wake up, meditate, go for a walk on the beach and on your walk back home past the cafes, you notice the time, yep it’s pretty much the same time you pass the cafes, and see the same people sitting at the same tables, with the same coffee reading today’s newspaper.

And I think to myself what was different from yesterday?

Is it Groundhog Day?

Is it just another day?

What changed?

It gave me a flashback of when I used to commute on the train in the UK, and I would get the same time train, get on the same carriage and sit in the same seat……and watched the same people board the train and sit in their same seats every morning. One time I sat in a different seat ‘someone else’s’ for a bit of fun, before they boarded the train…. boy did that rock the boat.

You see as people we are all creatures of habit…. Yep you are too.

Yep you might buck and scream and say no not me, you don’t understand, I’m different, I’m an individual, I do what I want each day, I don’t fit in with the norm….. Maybe….

And yet you still have your habits throughout your day, take a look and see how you go about your day, was it different from yesterday?

So here’s the thing…..

Agreed the example above was just a small section of the day, and it’s not just about going to a cafe at the same time every morning and reading the paper with a cuppa, or commuting to work and sitting in the same seat everyday.

This is an example of how habitual as humans we are and then we carry that forward to the rest of our day with how we treat our partners, family and co-workers, the work we do, our finances, how we spend our time.

Agreed we all have habits.

Is it true for you to, take a look at your day?

Check in and ask yourself the following

-       Are they supporting you or not?

-       Are they moving you closer to achieving your goals?

-       Are they moving you closer to where you want to be?

If they are, then great if not……

Let’s look at it another way

Are you 1/12th of the way there yet? 

What I mean by that is that we’re pretty much at the end of January, and you’re not getting January 2016 back again.

So thinking about the goals that you set at the start of the year, how are you going, are you kickin’ butt with them, or have you let your life take you in another direction, and instead you’re putting the demands of others before yourself and YOUR life.

What’s more important to you?

There’s no right or wrong here. Just be honest with yourself and what you truly want in your soul.

Every single moment of the day we have an opportunity to choose our thoughts, our actions and our results. What are you choosing?

So if you want to make it happen and start afresh in February with your goals, then come and join me in my FREE 21 Day ‘Make It Happen Challenge’

We can do this together.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It… Do It!

Sue xo

Do You Let Fear Stop You?

Have you ever been going about your day, making great progress towards your goals, then all of a sudden out of the blue, it seems, FEAR takes a strike and seems to paralyse you in your tracks…..

Now what, turn back and run away from the obstacle…….

OR keep going and plough through.

Check out this video, and see how Rocket Scientist, Olympia LePoint, went from failing at school, disfigured face, living in poverty to living her dream of becoming a rocket scientist, overcoming many challenging obstacles along the way.

Her top 3 tips of overcoming fear

1. Name and reject your fear

2. Reprogram your fear with different thoughts

3. Take action in the opposite direction of your fear


Bringing Yourself Back To Now

Quite often it’s easy during the day to find yourself slip into your old thought patterns and emotions of the past, rerunning events and stories in your mind …. your should haves, could haves and would haves.

Or you might run stories in your mind of ‘what if’ scenarios in the future, getting yourself anxious and overwhelmed of what might happen in the future.

Well let’s remember that you’re NOT in the past now and you’re certainly NOT in the future yet.

So let’s keep it simple and bring it back to the now.

Watch the video below to find out 2 simple ways to bring you back in the moment on a daily basis. This will enable you to connect your mind and body, be guided by your intuition, making decisions from your heart moment to moment.

If you’re interested in simplifying your life further and want more top tips on running well, eating well and being well then click here.