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How To Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Have you noticed how you go about your day to day life, your running, your work, your family, how you interact on a day to day basis with everything and everybody? I reckon, like most people, myself included, each day just rolls into the next one. What I mean by that is that as people […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk11 – A World Of Pain

As you know being a runner, getting to the start of a race you’ve been training for is a huge achievement in itself, as being plagued by injuries is a runners nightmare. So today on my long run, a niggly achilles pain came back to haunt me. It was feeling a bit tight on Friday’s […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk10 Rain Rain And More Rain

After the excitement of last Sunday’s night Wings For Life Run I was still buzzing by Monday afternoon, although I soon crashed in the evening as a result of running through the night, minimum sleep followed by work the next day.  You can check out all the amazing action from around the world below. So that said, I […]

Gold Coast Marathon Wk8 – Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Another big week on the kms, especially Sunday’s long run. This week turned into one of the weeks of really starting to ramp things up, stepping outside my comfort zone as well as still listening to my body with rest and recovery being critical. One thing for sure I knew more than anything this week, […]

How Functional Training Can Improve Your Running Performance

I really look differently at running and performance these days. It’s not just about the runs – sprints, hills, tempo and long runs. It’s really a case of holistically getting in touch with your body-mind-spirit, and working in sync in perfect harmony with each other. So that said this week, I started back up with […]

Gold Coast Marathon Wk7 – Rainbows And Hailstones

This week was great to mix it up again. Hills session on Tuesday and Friday I combined my tempo run with a ‘functional training’ session, back with Adam, my PT, in his new studio. I had a lot of fun and it was great to be back doing strength training again. Even though I was […]

Gold Coast Marathon Wk6 – Smashing Up The Hills!!!!!

This week was all about hill training for me. So my ‘sprint session’ was replaced with a circuit of 2 repeats running up a steep hill close to home. Glad I got out of bed for this one on a cold morning, even if it took a lot of mental strength to keep going up […]

Studies Find Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine

Now I know that’s a pretty strong and bold statement, and you might want to disagree and hold onto the fight and protect your beloved chocolate, or favourite dessert. I know I certainly was in this camp. Friends joked that I was a ‘chocaholic’. Absolutely not a shadow of a doubt there, I could quite […]