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Gold Coast Marathon – I Did It!

WOW words can’t describe how I felt when I crossed the finish line on Sunday. I was pretty overcome…… just think of a runners high after a ‘normal’ run multiplied out, on top of that, was the journey of the last 9mths. Training for the Melbourne Marathon, being 2 weeks out from it last October, […]

What Are You Choosing To Let Go Of?

Blessed by this amazing sunrise on this morning’s beach run, it got me thinking how amazing nature is, and it can really teach us some amazing lessons if we only stop and pay attention to Mother Nature. You see it’s a full moon today… and I don’t want to get all WOO WOO on you, […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 18

So so close…. I can feel it, I can smell it. I can’t believe that I’m days away from taking part in my 1st marathon, and my 1st interstate race in Queensland too. So no matter what happens on the day, I’m going to get a PB – because it’s my 1st one…. great way […]

It’s Time To Change Your Mind

Did you know that by the time you’re 35, 95% of you is made up of stored memories and beliefs of the past, and your life becomes habitual. Think about it for a second, from the time you get out of bed on the same side, go to the toilet, feed your kids and animals […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 17 – Smoke On The Water

Well with only 2 weeks to go, I’ve done as much as I can in my training and now it’s time to taper. After last week 35km, it was time to start pulling it back. So this week involved a hilly 3.5km, 7km and a 21.5km. Back in Melbourne briefly for a few days, found […]

Moving On From Feeling Stuck

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ that no matter what you do, think or feel, you just seem to be firmly entrenched even more. I think we’ve all been there haven’t we, whether it is with a new health plan, ‘stuck in a dead end job’, in a relationship, stuck with your running, which direction to […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 16 – The Last Big Hit Out

WOW the countdown is definitely on now, in fact just three weeks to go to the Gold Coast Marathon. So this week how did I prep for my last ‘big hit out’ before the big one. A lot of daily walking, one thing I’ve noticed about myself being in a new place, I love to […]

How Leaving My Husband Improved My Running

The last 2 weeks have been one hell of a rollercoaster for me, and I’ve just come out the other side. You see its been brewing since February, the little thought inside. Things haven’t been good for a while, and then I suddenly saw a different path, something that woke me up, resonated with me. […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk 13 & 14

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with a lot of change, upheaval and turmoil, as I found myself leaving my job, putting our home on the market, packing boxes, saying goodbye to loved ones and friends and moving to Queensland. First stop a house sit in Noosa, looking after a german sheppard and a […]

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk12 – A New Milestone

So with a week of rest and foam rolling, my achilles seemed ready to hit the bitumen again for a long run on Sunday. Hmm, things started off a bit slowly, to be honest I was really questioning the whole running in winter thing. Although for me the countdown’s on for moving to Queensland, so […]