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Wonders Of Tumeric

Turmeric is highly regarded in many Eastern cultures and is pivotal ingredient in Ayurveda medicine. Turmeric has recently gathered momentum in popularity in western cultures, even though in the 13th century, it was introduced into Europe by Arab traders. In Medieval England, turmeric was regarded as the ‘Indian saffron’. The Major Health Benefits Of Turmeric 1.    […]

Happy Chocolate Day

Ahh yes, Happy Valentines Day. As long as I can remember they’ve always seems to be about roses, chocolates and spending time with your loved one. Hmm, I’m into being grateful and appreciative for my husband every day of the year, rather than just on one day, but hey that’s just me. Anyway, if you’re […]

To Carb Up Or Not To Carb Up

There always seems to be talk in the press about the ‘new fad’ diet….. whether it’s counting calories or eliminating certain food groups. You’re left wondering who and what to believe. You know what though, just keep it simple and LEARN TO LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY, as YOU know YOU better than anyone else. […]

57 Small Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Life

I’m all for making things easy, as my word of the year is “SIMPLICITY” and my daily question is “If it was easy what would I do?” So when I came across this blog post by George James of Inc. Magazine, I thought it was gold and well worth sharing with you all. Click here to read it. […]

It’s Just Another Day Or Is It?

Picture this, you wake up, meditate, go for a walk on the beach and on your walk back home past the cafes, you notice the time, yep it’s pretty much the same time you pass the cafes, and see the same people sitting at the same tables, with the same coffee reading today’s newspaper. And […]

Do You Let Fear Stop You?

Have you ever been going about your day, making great progress towards your goals, then all of a sudden out of the blue, it seems, FEAR takes a strike and seems to paralyse you in your tracks….. Now what, turn back and run away from the obstacle……. OR keep going and plough through. Check out […]

Bringing Yourself Back To Now

Quite often it’s easy during the day to find yourself slip into your old thought patterns and emotions of the past, rerunning events and stories in your mind …. your should haves, could haves and would haves. Or you might run stories in your mind of ‘what if’ scenarios in the future, getting yourself anxious […]

The Magic Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

Picture this….. It’s 5.30am on a Sunday, you’ve woken up naturally to the sound of the dawn chorus, meditated and now you have your runners laced up, ready to set off for a run. That was me this morning …. ‘Are you crazy!’ part of me was saying……’what happened to the Sunday lie in, like […]

For Things To Change You Must Change

 How often do you hear others complain about their life….. not happy with their job, relationship, financial situation, social life, friends etc etc. You might have caught yourself doing this at some point in your life. Here’s the thing though we all have choices in life, and as Jim Rohn says it so eloquently – […]

What’s Going to Be Different This Year?

As the clocks tick on, and another year has been and gone, there is always a lot of focus on New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you love them, or hate them. Achieve your goals each year, or drop off the wagon within a couple of months, maybe even weeks or days. But I hear you cry […]