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What are you grateful for today?

It’s a proven science that by being grateful for everything in your life, more great things are attracted into your life. My grandma always used to say, count your blessings, and that was when she was severely suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It wasn’t just a case of looking at the bright side of life, it […]

Exercising in the Silly Season

Well the ‘Silly Season’ seems to be upon us now, or is it just me who’s started early. Way too many tempting home made treats being brought into work, catch up drinks with friends, work drinks, early family gatherings and the list goes on…. and so does the endless smorgasbord of food and drink. Now […]

The Toffee Principle

You can learn a lot by watching how babies and animals interact with their surroundings. Our neighbour’s cat, who we call Toffee, is a prime example of this. Everyday is a new day when Toffee chasing butterflies, and through watching her persistence I came up with the T-O-F-F-E-E principle which you can relate to anything […]

Cross Training In The Grampians

It’s always important to give your body a break from ‘bitumen running’ and mix your exercise up a bit. Perhaps swap a running session with another aerobic exercise – cycling, swimming or bush walking. There is always the benefit of yoga and pilates as well, they are perfect for developing more flexibility and tone. This […]

Body Mind & Spirit Running

Today was the Lara 10km Fun Run. This time last yr, I ran my fastest 10km ever – 56mins – 2 x 5km loops around Serendip Sanctuary at Pirra Homestead. A stunning location.   So my aim this year was to finally run under 55min and I believed it was in my grasp. I was […]

Today’s a New Day

Hi there Back in 2010 I started taking up running again. Throughout my life I’ve loved exercise – cycling, ski-ing, snowboarding, aerobics although I always seemed to have a love hate relationship with running….. always wanting to, and when I did run, would run flat out and end up injured, sore or thinking I was […]