So Who Am I?

DSC01393Hi I’m Sue Moore and I’m passionate about helping women live a healthier life though eating nutritious food and exercising their mind and bodies.

From a young age I was never one to sit still for long. I liked sport although I didn’t think I was good enough at it… apart from playing rounders at school, being left handed I had the distinct advantage to whack the ball in an area where no one was fielding, as most of the kids were right handed.

My attempts at swimming, left me nearly drowning when I was 10, and as for running I dreaded those cold wintery days when the school PE teacher made you run laps around the school oval… horrid!!

I had a hit and miss relationship with aerobics classes as I always seem to pull muscles. As for running, I always went out as fast as I could and thinking I was going to have a heart attack. So to sum it up it seemed all or nothing, feast or famine.

Through my 20’s and 30’s there was a lot of working and playing hard, partying and binge drinking, And it was only till I hit my 40’s when I thought, hang on, I’ve got to live in this body for the rest of my life, I better start taking care of it. Noticing that I’d put on a bit of weight and always seemed to have low energy as a result of emotional eating, binge drinking and lack of exercise. So something had to change…….

Living the corporate life in many marketing roles throughout England, Europe and Australia in my 30’s I was always questioning

“There’s got to be more to life than the 9-5 treadmill? Why do the “suits’ come alive at 5pm, and live for the weekend, 2 days out of 7. That’s 260 ‘dead’ days a year, is this really how I wanted to live my life too?

Williamstown Half Mara 1a 290510So I started on a quest of personal development, to work out what really made me tick and others, became a qualified Master Practitioner and Trainer – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

Fast forward to 2010 I joined a gym and signed up with a personal trainer to hold me accountable, set a fitness plan that was easy to follow and fun to do. That lead me to running in a planned, progressive systematic way, that saw me progress through 5km fun runs to 10kms and beyond. After recovering from an Achilles injury I went from running 1 minute to running my 1st half marathon in 5 months.

My love for Real Food

I grew up in a standard “meat & two veg” English family, so when I first travelled to Australia in early 1990’s, I was blown away with the variety of fresh fruit and veg, and the healthy lifestyle most Australians lived by the coast.

In 1998, I returned to Oz to live permanently and I was horrified at the growing obesity epidemic that was sweeping not only Australia but the world.

That started me on another quest to discover healthy foods, and become more ‘in tune’ with my body.

I felt crap when I ate crap food and felt energised when I ate healthy nutritious food.

Sardine Silverbeet power lunch 270414

In 2012 I signed up for a 10 week cooking class at Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food, Geelong and then became a volunteer helping others to learn and improve their cooking skills, as well as directly working 1-on-1 with people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

That sparked a flame inside me, to get back into my own kitchen and experiment with food, combining fresh seasonal products and creating mouth watering delights.

As my running kms increased, I was searching for nutritious food to fuel my body and meet its needs.


My Wake Up Call

web-DCDO2051In October 2014, 2 weeks before the Melbourne Marathon, I suffered a severe migraine lasting over 5 hours, which left me numb down the right hand side of my body, unable to feel my foot. A month later I received a diagnosis of MS, as I had 8 lesions on my brain.

Over the next 9 months I started running from scratch again, completely changed my diet (mainly Paleo), improved my mindset, meditated daily and had regular kinesiology sessions.

I defied the odds and completed my first marathon at Gold Coast, Australia in July 2015. My follow up brain scans showed that my 8 lesions on the brain had either ‘completely disappeared or significantly diminished’ through NO medical intervention, just through diet, meditation, internal belief, exercise and kinesiology.

So with all my coaching, running experience and eating healthy nutritious food, I now inspire, educate and empower women around the world, that it is possible to ‘heal yourself from the inside out’.

I specialise in supporting women to be in their best shape ever, both physically and mentally, helping them to break through the crap that’s been holding them back.

So if that’s what you want, what are you wanting for?

Wish It … Dream It … Do It !

Sue xox