Gold Coast Marathon – Wk12 – A New Milestone

So with a week of rest and foam rolling, my achilles seemed ready to hit the bitumen again for a long run on Sunday.

Hmm, things started off a bit slowly, to be honest I was really questioning the whole running in winter thing. Although for me the countdown’s on for moving to Queensland, so YAY :)

My aim was 32km – 35km for this run, and I ran 33km with 3 loo/walk breaks. This was my longest to date for this training so happy and pleased to notch that one up.

Oh its a constant listening to your body…. is that really a pulled muscle or is it just my ‘monkey mind’ telling me to stop.

I changed my brekkie around this time too, and instead of a banana and juice, I had 2 fried eggs on a bed of kale which fuelled me a bit more on this run. At about 15km I had this burning desire to fall asleep, have a little nanna nap, not a good thing when you’re out running and have another 18km to go. I felt all my energy seems to go towards just keeping warm when I run on cold days, that I have less in the tank. Lucky I bought extra gels for this run, which did the trick and pepped me back up.

Onwards and upwards.

And even though I was walking around like John Wayne for the rest of the day, I felt proud and glad that I ran 33km, considering back in October 2014, 5 months ago, I couldn’t even feel my right foot. Sometimes I have to pinch myself how far I’ve actually come.

Better still, I recover really well after a long run, and the next day as long as I eat every 2-3 hours, walk, stretch and foam roller, my legs are fine.

Happy Days :)

How To Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Have you noticed how you go about your day to day life, your running, your work, your family, how you interact on a day to day basis with everything and everybody?

I reckon, like most people, myself included, each day just rolls into the next one. What I mean by that is that as people we’re quite habitual.

Get out of bed on the same side every day.

Have the same breakfast.

Have the same shower routine.

Greet our partner, children and work colleagues in the same way each day.

Take the same route to work.

Do you get the picture. Can you relate to that……

We are by nature creatures of habit.

And it’s only when we stretch the ‘norm’ and stretch ourselves, step outside of our comfort zones that CHANGE and MAGIC happens otherwise you keep getting the same old same old although you want things to change internally, although you keep ‘showing up’ in your life the same way expecting things to change.

Take losing weight, running your 1st 10km, half marathon, marathon whatever it is for you in whatever area of your life. To do something different, you first have to BE different, think differently, then DO different actions.

Yes at first maybe there might be a bit of discomfort, until we get comfortable with being uncomfortable and then it becomes a pattern and we do it automatically, second nature. Starting a new exercise/running plan is no different.

Over the last few weeks, I made the decision to move from Melbourne to Queensland, to be in the warmth and out of the Melbourne winter. It was interesting to watch peoples reactions to this:-

- Where are you going to live

- What will you do

- How long are you going for

- Have you sold your house

- Is your husband going to

Some supportive of my dreams and what I wanted to do and some just mystified that I would uproot everything and CHANGE out of the norm.

To me it just gets back to TIME, we all have 24 hours each day. Are we really ‘living it though’ OR just being a creature of habit doing the same thing day in day out.

Are you REALLY living life to the MAX.

Are you being the person you truly want to be.

Are you doing the things EVERYDAY that you care about.

Are you spending time with the people you want to everyday.

If yes great, if not then why not.

People say… oh one day I’ll travel, one day I’ll buy a car, lose weight, run a marathon, start a business, one day i’ll get it all together.

That’s a hell of a lotta stuff you’ve got stored up for your ‘one day life’

If it TRULY matters to you, and YOU know what truly matters to you right, then make a start today.

Just one thing, move forward TODAY, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start living your ‘one day life’ TODAY.

I believe in you – you can do this!

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk11 – A World Of Pain

As you know being a runner, getting to the start of a race you’ve been training for is a huge achievement in itself, as being plagued by injuries is a runners nightmare.

So today on my long run, a niggly achilles pain came back to haunt me. It was feeling a bit tight on Friday’s run, although today the pain felt as if someone was jabbing me with a knife.

I did the best I could to stretch it on route and run through it, thinking it would pass. Not to be this time.

There’s a fine line of continuing to run when you have acute muscle pain or stopping, resting and listening to your body. I chose the later, 7 weeks out to the marathon, I certainly didn’t want this to progress, as I’ve known that pain before and being out of action for over 3 months, not again.

So my aim of a 34km run this morning, ended up to be a 22km. I’m glad I stopped as the pain was starting to effect the rest of my leg and my running style was completely out of whack.

To be honest I’m a bit concerned that to date, I’ve only done one 30km run, although I’ve done 3 other long runs of 25-28km. I was further ahead by now when I was training for the Melbourne Marathon last year, although it is what it is and I have to accept where I am right now.

Rest and injury prevention is the key for me now ….. reckon its a week of foam rolling and massage.

Then for the next 4 weeks my aim is 2-3 runs of 32km – 35km, depending how my achilles pulls up this week.

Gold Coast Marathon – Wk10 Rain Rain And More Rain

After the excitement of last Sunday’s night Wings For Life Run I was still buzzing by Monday afternoon, although I soon crashed in the evening as a result of running through the night, minimum sleep followed by work the next day. 

You can check out all the amazing action from around the world below.

So that said, I listened to my body this week and had a break. My nutrition felt that it had seen better days too, perhaps being hard on myself. Just wanted to eat like crazy this week….. coming into winter….. just going with it though.

And on that note, as now I do eat 90% ‘clean food’, when I did have a red wine Thursday night, followed by a meat pie and more red wine on Friday night, man oh man, did my body let me know about it…. sluggish, struggling to balance in my PT strength training session on Friday morning, then just craving sugar and comfort food on Saturday. As well as triggering off my ‘heat sensations’ in my body. Hmmmm. On the plus side of it though, I DID enjoy the wine, as it’s now very rarely that I drink.

Sunday came around, and it was time for my long run, although the heavens had another idea, and I was playing dodgem with the torrential rain most of the morning, so I decided to switch my food around and my long run, and go after lunch, when the weather forecast was better. Yay for flexible training!!!!

I felt like a race horse, chomping at the bit, all day long…. WOW I didn’t realise how much my long runs meant to me. The sun eventually appeared and out I went – perfect 27.95km straight with no stops, another corner turned with 8 weeks to go – HAPPY.

Gold Coast Marathon Wk9 – Full Moon Running And Being Chased Down By A Car

Do you ever feel that your running training has flatlined a little and you need to mix it up a bit?
With the usual 3 runs per week planned for me – sprints/hills; tempo run and long run in my Marathon Plan it’s great sometimes to through in something completely left of centre…….
I don’t know about you, but I thrive on adventure and excitement, so when I heard of Wings For Life World Run – where over 70,000 runners all over the world run simultaneously, I was in.
You might have heard me mention in in earlier emails. The concept of the race is you are given a 30mins start before the ‘chaser’ car starts. You keep running until the ‘chaser car’ passes you, and thats when your race is over. COOL !!!! Love a challenge….. Click here for more info about the race around the world
The tricky thing was the Australian leg started at 9pm last Sunday night. Yuk I thought, that’s completely outside my comfort zone, as I’m a ‘morning runner’.
Questions whizzing around my head like…..
- What do I eat throughout the day
- What evening meal do I prepare based on running throughout the night
- Do I have ‘extra’ sleep the night before
- Will I be able to stay awake
- What speed shall I run at
- And so on
Hmmm well I just decided to have a cruisy day and eat/drink as I normally would. Take the stress out of it and enjoy the night. Perfect. What would be would be.
WingsFor Life2 WingsFor Life3 So Sunday night came, and it ended up to be the most bizarre surreal night.
Think full moon dance party crossed with 3000 people dressed in reflective workmen vests, miners headlamps and Lycra running throughout the night, being cheered on by well wishers and kids dressed in pyjamas, all runners being chased down by the ‘catcher car’.
It was a great night and I lasted 14.7km before the catcher car got me. Happy, 1st night run, a new PB, (that’s the beauty of running a new race). AND it was a lot of fun :)
Are you up for the challenge for the global race next year – May 8th 2016. You can pre register and find out more here.
What I learnt about this experience most were:-
- Great to step out of comfort zone and experience a new adventure
- Stay relaxed and ‘in flow’ with your running
- Build on previous running and race experience and ‘run your own race’
So if you want to put the ‘mo-jo’ back in your running, do something differently:-
- Mix up your runs
- Run a new route
- Run at a different time of day
- Check out your local or overseas running calendar and select a new race to aim for
- Tackle hill running
- Run cross country
And most of all HAVE FUN