What Are You Shooting For…. And Are You There Yet

So what are you shooting for and are you there yet?

So many of us in life, me included, have big goals and dreams in life, always striving, moving forward to that ‘one day’ life that sometimes seems so out of reach. Whatever it is for you. It could be the bikini fit body, perfect partner, financially free, dream home, just to lose the last 5 kgs, dream holiday, if I just won the lottery my life would be different. WHATEVER……

Have you ever stopped to really think what’s behind that ‘thing’ that you’re striving so hard to get, and the closer you seem to get to it, it always seems so far away.

I remember when I was teenager, I was saving up for a VW Beetle for my 1st car, I was mad about them, bought all the retro magazines etc. I set my goal, I knew what I was aiming for. A year later, when I thought I had enough money, I looked at the ‘market price’ in the magazines, and they seemed to have gone up in price, I felt deflated.

But what that car would give me, was a feeling of ‘freedom’, even though the ‘thing’ seemed so far away I could feel the same emotion of freedom in the present moment. As let’s be honest we only have the ‘present, here and now’ to deal with. So the question soon became, how can I feel more ‘free’ in the present, while still focussing on my goal.

So my questions for you are :-

- What are you striving for?

- How will you feel when you achieve that goal?

- What can you do today to feel that same emotion now?

- What can you do everyday, to continue to feel that emotion? (Come up with 3-5 different ways you can feel that emotion)

Let me know how you go in the comments below.

And remember

Wish It! … Dream It! … Do It!

Sue xox

If You Had One Shot, One Opportunity……

…..to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment, would you capture it, or let it slip.

Wise words from Eminem – Lose It 

So here’s the thing what would you do. Would you follow through on your dreams, or would you crumble at the 1st hurdle.

I believe in you, others believe in you too. So how come you’re the last person in the world to see who you are, who you can become, what you can do, be and have in this world.

So when the heck are YOU going to start believing in you too. When is NOW the best time to start BELIEVING IN YOU.

You know you can, you must do it, whatever the dreams are inside of you that are bursting to come out and to live.

but you currently say no… Whatever the excuses ……

I’m not good enough, not old enough, not wise enough, not young enough, don’t have the time, the money, the energy, I don’t know how…….

Have you found yourself saying any of those recently. The golden fears and excuses that keep us playing a ‘safe, realistic game of life’

Only YOU can bust through your own fears, which by the way are all made up anyway. The constant dramas that you play out in your mind, oh I know cos I’ve been there too, plenty of times and have a vivid imagination too.

However, what I realise the key really is, to be the master of the little voice in your head, recognise it, when it goes to trip you up, dreaming up all these insane ‘false’ stories that might happen, think and act on the opposite. Follow your intuition, your gut, it will NEVER, EVER let you down.

So only you can make it happen and by starting today, with one small step. Yes it might be scary, yes it might be uncomfortable, and no you won’t combust or die by following your dreams. So what have you got to lose. What if it really did all happen the way you dreamt it to be? What if it was easy? What if you were already there now?  Imagine that for a second….

Truly what is the worse thing that can happen. Even if it didn’t work out the 1st time or 2nd time, at least you’ve worked out what didn’t work. Think of Thomas Edison, if he had given up on finding a solution for the incandescent light bulb then where would we all be now…..

So what are you going to do differently today to move forwards towards your dreams. Just start now, start small if you have to, just take action starting today And trust me you will figure it out along the way.

The overall forward momentum is the most important thing. So whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re right.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It

Sue xox

If I GaveYou Lemons Would You Make Lemonade Or …..?

Everyone has setbacks and challenges in life, it’s how we choose to view those challenges that will propel us forward or send us in a tailspin. There are learnings in every situation in life, it’s what you focus on that makes a difference.

Sometimes you don’t know the bigger picture of the reason for that ‘current challenge’ at the time, however I choose to believe that there is a reason for everything no matter how big the challenge. Perhaps it’s only when we look back in the wake of our life that we’re able to fill in the dots, and see the bigger picture unfold of events leading to other events, connections made etc etc. whatever it is for you.

As some of you might be aware I was training for my 1st marathon when I had my biggest setback a week before the race and was medically told not to run as I was diagnosed with ‘an abnormality on the brain’, with further pending tests with a neurologist this week. To say I was devastated was an understatement. The main question in my head though was – How do I make lemonade from the lemons I’ve been dealt?

Yes there have been tears and frustration, wanting answers to symptoms that don’t add up. However with that has come a sense of calm knowing that this will all unfold in the perfect way.

So what do you do when you are dealt lemons? Here are my top tips for dealing with challenges and obstacles that come your way.

- Believe that there is a bigger picture

- Have faith that the right outcome/solution will present itself to you

- Journal

- Meditate

- Rebalance yourself – Kinesiology and/or Reiki

- Ask ‘If it was easy what would I do’

- Research – Who do you know who overcame the same challenge? What worked for them

- Gratitude – As my grandma would say ‘ Count your blessings’. There are positives in every situation

- Exercise and quality nutrition

- Sleep on it – let your subconscious mind find the best solution overnight

I’d love to hear what works for you please share in the comments below.

Wk 16 – Devastated And I’ll Be Back

Marathon NumberSo after last weeks unexplained health hiccup, this week unfolded into more tests.

Monday morning came and the waiting game was over – an ultra scan of the neck followed by an MRI brain scan. to be honest my imagination last Friday of feeling claustrophobic in the MRI tunnel were unfounded really. I was brave, and used the power of my mind to take me to a happy place, laying very still while the MRI unit took pictures and whirled, juddered and just basically did its thing. The attendant was on intercom the whole time, so talked me through each scan lasting up to 8 minutes at a time. Top tip – if you ever need to have a MRI scan then where the headphones that are offered, close your eyes, let the music take you to a ‘happy’ place and relax.

The results were back by Tuesday, with a call from Doctor 1 on the Tuesday, saying the MRI brain scan showed that there was an abnormality on the LHS of the spinal cord level with the lower ear. Believe me this is not the kind of news you want to receive on the phone. I bought my appt forward with my doctor to Tuesday afternoon so I could hear the full version. More tests – reflexes, flexibility, strength and co-ordination all proved ok. I was also told that the ultrasound in my neck showed up that my artery was 50% capacity…….”There is a small T2 and FLAIR hyperintense focus within the within the left side of the cord, at the level of the cranio-cervical junction…… it could indicate demyelination or other causes of myelopathy (post infection, autoimmune, metabolic etc.

A neurologist registry was called for an opinion, as the evidence and symptoms weren’t conclusive. My doctor being a runner, knew that in my heart I still wanted to run in the marathon. 4 months of training and then not to do it – really!!!!!!! However the truth be known that I was so so low in energy that walking up stairs or even on the flat left me feeling washed out and tired. So to run 42.2km in a race… are you kidding. The registry recommended not to run, as the ‘abnormality on the brain’ wasn’t fully diagnoised and would need an appointment to see the neurologist who would need to see the results of more blood tests and a full MRI spine scan.

What could I do but go along with it all. The out of pocket medical expenses were starting to mount up, but really that was the least of my concerns. I just wanted to be miraculously better so I could run on Sunday, and to get answers as to what it was, as nothing was concrete at this stage.

I was gradually feeling more and more disheartened as the week went on, monitoring my every move to see if I felt any better, but my writing was like a grandmother, I still had pins and needles down the RHS of my body, and my back and legs felt as if I was constantly standing up against a heater.

Wednesday morning doctors appointment unveiled that the MRI spine scan was ok, however it did show up the original ‘unexplained neurological condition’ and the doctor and Neurologist recommended I didn’t run. Whether I took that advice was up to me……..

Midst of turmoil, knowing over the years I’ve become more in tune with my body, I actually did some ‘woo-woo’ inner work on my body to help the areas that werent quite right. Throughout this period I slept, cried, ate and best I could took my mind off things. Thursday – massage and a lovely thai dinner with Rod, just to bring a bit of ‘good stuff’ in the midst of turmoil, doctors, tests, and unsolved answers.

Then the idea of ‘ well you could down grade… perhaps the 10km’ I had a plan….. I was also able to cancel my 3 nights accommodation, thank you wotif.com. OK so if I was better by Friday, that’s what I would do. I was in Melbourne anyway that day, but walking around the city still left me drained.

Sue Finishing LineI visited the MCG to pick up my number and I was filled with so emotion, tears welling in the eyes, feeling like a failure, an imposter, vulnerable, scared, angry and frustrated. I really had to turn it around in my head….. wow would I say all these things to my best friend. NO.

The truth was I’d done the best I could do. I trained for 16 weeks, and increased my training week on week, ran 1/2 marathon distance or more for 13 weeks straight, I had ran the furthest I’d ever run – 35km, I had inspired others alonfg the way. Hell no failure here, and at the end of the day I told myself, if this happened in one of my training runs, would I run a long run, or rest. The answer I would rest, so what was the difference here…. just to do it cos I entered the race…. there would be plenty more.

So as I write this now, the marathon is happening, I’m not running. I visited the course in a midst of tears of joy for the runners and tears of sadness for me and what could have been. The bigger picture of this is still unfolding for me, and I believe that everything happens for a reason, even at the time I’m sometimes unsure what it is, sometimes you might never know. However I do believe one thing, this was created so I learn to rest, let go, take it easy, listen to my body more, understand it and the signs it’s telling me. However I will return to Melbourne Marathon, fitter and stronger and enter again, not only enter but complete it with a big smile on my face.

As the days have progressed this week, I started to regain my energy, and my RHS has returned to normal, I still have a back which feels on fire, and a ‘pending’ neurologist appointment on Thursday.

The thought I’m left with… I might have been dealt lemons, and it’s my choice whether I make lemonade out of them or not.

It’s not over till the fat lady sings….. I will be back :)


What Are You Worrying About That For?

It seems quite common today in the Western World, that there is a lot of worry ….. money, job, relationships, health, kids etc etc. It doesn’t have to be this way. Really life is for living in the present, not worrying about an event that may or may not turn out the way you want it to.

I know I do my fair share of worrying, especially this week, although I soon bounce back and see things for what they really are.

A great reference I want to share with you is – Susan Jeffers book “Embracing Uncertainty”. In it she describes the ‘Turn It Over’ Exercise. Learning to trust is essential.

By taking on all our troubles on ourselves, it can feel heavy, weary and discouraging. But by trusting in a ‘higher power’ be it God, the Universe or whatever your belief, by trusting that you’re taken care of, that you might not know what the bigger picture is, but you trust that it all works out as it’s supposed to in it’s own way.

Turn It Over

- When you realise the problem, close your eyes.

- Cut the imaginary cord that is connecting you and whatever you are worrying about.

- Say to yourself  ’Okay Universe, I’m doing my best. I let you take over now.

- Take a deep breath and feel yourself letting go.

Keep repeating and practising this as you need it.

‘The Lower Self doesn’t trust anyone or anything, including itself, which is why it worries so much. It is in the Higher Self that our ability to trust lies. And when the Higher Self meets a Higher Power  … WOW! It is then that we are in touch with the incredible strength that we have to handle all that life hands us. There is no greater security in that. ‘ Susan Jeffers 

So next time you catch yourself ‘worrying’ about something in your life just ‘turn it over’ and watch the magic unfold.

Wk15 – The News I Didn’t Want To Hear

Melb MaraWhen I started this training log, I only agreed to do it if it was ‘warts and all and not to be sugar coated’. So to say this week was a crap week would be an utter understatement of how I truly felt about my running, the marathon and life in general……

Last Sunday’s 21.1km run in the gale force winds really took it out of me, although I rested up on Sunday…. I still felt ‘stuffed’. Now those who know me well, know that I bounce back pretty quickly and onto the next thing. Well this week was different.

Monday was ok just a normal Monday, and I also decided to switch my sprint runs from Tuesday to Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon I developed a sudden pain in the neck which quickly progressed to a migraine on the left hand side of my head. A couple of nurofen, straight to bed, when I got back from work, spending the next 5 hours, attempting to rest, relax and sleep instead I shivered, groaned and apparently looked very grey. The neighbour’s cat stayed with me the whole time…. almost like my nurse maid, just purring and sleeping, as if to reassure me that ‘all is well and this soon shall pass’

By 9pm I was well enough to get some soup and then back to bed. As by now I had a tingling sensation all the way down the RHS of my body, as well as my back feeling as if it was on fire constantly.

Although I went into work the next day, only because I had looming deadlines on some projects and hate taking ‘sick days’, I wasn’t 100% at all. But it was a mild distraction to the growing ‘odd sensation’ I was feeling in my body, that I couldn’t explain what it was.  48 hours later and I wasn’t feeling any better, I went to the doctor, not my usual doctor mind, as he was on holiday.

Being a fit chick, I can count the times I’ve been to the docs in the last 10 years on one hand. I’ve never been a huge fan of doctors, although I needed to know what was going on.

- Have I over done the running

- What did all the tingling down one side of the body mean

- Would I be able to run in the marathon

- Was it a mild stroke, or was it just a trapped nerve or something…. who knows

- Maybe it’s my body just telling me to rest up in a very unexplained way

After a series of questions by the doctor, pulling, prodding, blood pressure, reflex, balance and flexibility tests etc etc.

The response was ‘Your symptoms are vague, and inconclusive… hmm… you could run the marathon….. then if you had a stroke whilst running, I think I would kill myself, I don’t want to be overdramatic though…… I’m going to suggest you have an MRI brain scan, a carotid arteries (neck) ultra scan and blood tests.’

What the…..brain scan….. Now that sounds pretty serious to me. Maybe its just the doctor covering all bases and being over pre cautious, but I still didn’t like the sound of the seriousness of it all. I went next door to get my blood tests, as the sooner I got this ball rolling, the sooner I’d know what the hell was going on. I’m not good at ‘playing a waiting game’, and the marathon was in 10 days time. I needed answers fast.

The shock of the news had set in now, and I burst into tears, after I had my blood taken. Luckily the nurse had had an MRI brain scan a couple of years ago, and was able to talk me through it, saying that it was nothing to worry about.

So with the MRI scan booked for this Monday and test results back on Wednesday, I’d play it by ear. If the results were ok I’d run, if not, well we’re cross that bridge if it happens.

Friday was a day spent in Melbourne catching up with girlfriends, lunch, dinner, movies, and just basically keeping my mind off it. I still had the odd burning sensations and tingling down my RHS although was doing my best to keep my mind on fun stuff and not dwell on the unknown, cos it could be nothing right.

Saturday was a ‘feeling flat, lethargic day’ but by Sunday I had bounced back enough to want to give a small run a go, even with the pain, just to see if I could run. Call me pig headed, stupid, insane, whatever, …. I just wanted to see if I could. Running had become so much a part of my life now, that I miss it when I don’t run, and feel energised and free when I do run. So ran I did.

I managed 10km – at a very gingerly pace, 1-1.5min per km slower than what I would normally run, as it felt difficult at times to feel my right leg running, I felt a bit lame, as if it was in cotton wool and my left hand side was over compensating for it, difficult to feel the right leg firing in a running motion, but still I made it, so felt quite chuffed at that.

So although I still have this ‘odd sensation’ in my RHS of my body, I feel a bit more energised, alert and alive after my run. Maybe I’m just getting used to the ‘odd’ feeling now.

So with nothing left to prove to myself or others, and with all my training done, I will do the marathon next Sunday, dependant on the test results and how I’m feeling. My health is more important than ‘running the marathon, just because I’ve entered the race and I’ve trained for it’

Monday and the MRI scan will come and go, and will be a blip in my overall life.

It is what it is, and this too shall pass.