Exercising in the Silly Season

Well the ‘Silly Season’ seems to be upon us now, or is it just me who’s started early. Way too many tempting home made treats being brought into work, catch up drinks with friends, work drinks, early family gatherings and the list goes on…. and so does the endless smorgasbord of food and drink.

Now I thought I had pretty good self control, although I do admit to a sweet tooth every now and then. However when I did indulge, my energy level plummeted and I didn’t feel so good. So  to combat this, the best answer is to E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E . For me it was to continue with a base level of exercise – running and spin classes to keep me moving and my energy up.

So wherever you are and whatever your circumstances are in the lead up to Christmas – remember eat & drink with moderation and keep up the exercise. Whether it’s a run, walk, cycle, yoga, you name it….. just keep your body moving.

And most of all have a great Christmas with family and friends, reflecting on the year and enjoying your break. :)